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Bedford, OH
reply to kilrathi

Re: [TWC] packet loss / service degraded - amp in rockaway park,

download is unaffected in this? but upload is? It sounds like the bonding isn't configured correctly. Provisioning the modem with dual speed at the same frequency will cause a "Hiccup" on most streams. It seems that's when the modem goes into "Off-Peak" mode. Street lights come on (aka offpeak hours) tend to mean they have a feral switch that is time delayed for settings. Usually done through networks to shut down certain spots, or relieve some of the stress on others (think a flood gate in terms). With the bonding it's tricky though, if your settings are set a specific way, it will kick you in the rump, otherwise you won't see or feel a damn thing if they are offset correctly. I would call up the modem manufacture and ask them what the proper bonding frequency for your area is, if time warner won't lol, especially since it's "Secret"