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West Tenness
reply to amungus

Re: Greed!!!

said by amungus:

I find this part of their service (and other prepaid) very curious - how do they decide who gets what type of service??

CDMA has FAR better coverage here, but how would I know what ST uses here without checking each phone etc?

Device compatibility is a huge mess.
CDMA phones should work with any compatible carrier - there's no reason Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular can't all "get along" - they already do. GSM is obviously a little different - plop a SIM card in, and you're good.

Verizon and Sprint use difference frequencies.

If you look at the name for most basic phones they will end in a -G or -C. The G stand for GSM and the C stands for CDMA. As to which CDMA is uses then you have to delve in a bit deeper.

On the smartphones I know they work on Verizon because they have this underneath the phone description


Yes they do use different frequencies but they do have roaming agreements and the ability to roam on the other carrier if need be especially in Sprint's case. The phone should work on the other carrier because of that fact and the reason why carriers won't allow it is that they want you to buy a new phone with them. Mo' money mo' money...

Case in point, I was with Sprint and have a EVO 3D. Took the EVO 3D to Cricket and they flashed it to their network. It works just fine: 3G, MMS, SMS, so on. Matter of fact, the phone works better than when I was with Sprint! It doesn't randomly reboot or crash anymore and the battery life is worlds better. The only thing that doesn't work is WiMax, which is to be expected.

I get great coverage for my area with Cricket and the 3G speeds have been great, sometimes 2Mbps+. At $55/month for unlimited talk, text, and data, you can't beat it. We have saved ourselves hundreds of dollars a year just going prepaid. Plus it feels good not being tied down to a 2yr. contract with exorbitant ETF's!!


Toledo, OH
reply to 88615298
ST has a sticker also on their packaging that states the network. It reads something like XXXX-A XXXX-V XXXX-S

That is how WM showed me how to read the packages.