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NY Tel
Smithtown, NY

Speeds not necessary

Just my two cents but I feel these speeds are totally overkill for the average user. I just upgraded from 15/5 to the 25X25 and really don't notice a big difference except for the upload.
I get 30X30 already because of the overhead fluff built in and If VZ wants 10 dollars more from me a month - I'll keep what I have.
It is plenty.

Cat god

Riverside, NJ
I'd agree with some caveats.

I have Comcast's Blast (25/4) service and while I see 25+ Mbps on speed tests, in real world usage I rarely anything higher than about 15 Mbps. So for one PC, the higher speed tiers are a waste.

Where the higher speed tiers are useful is in households with multiple devices or single devices that tend to do multiple simultaneous downloads. If you have a bunch of people in your household all trying to download stuff at the same time, the higher speeds come in handy.
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Noah Vail
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Lorton, VA
·Bright House
reply to NY Tel
said by NY Tel:

Just my two cents but I feel these speeds are totally overkill for the average user.

I used to hear that when cable speeds were overtaking DSL.

The reality is that faster end-user speeds encourage the development of services that take advantage of it.
Netflix and Cloud Storage are two examples.

New online services put pressure on existing online companies to innovate and upgrade their products.
In the end it's a win for consumers, even though we can't always see that at first.
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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
·Verizon Online DSL

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reply to Morac
Yes they do.

When you have two PS3s, two desktops, a half-dozen laptops, a tablet or two and a few phones using your network for all manner of things, and one of those desktops tends to shuttle large files around now and then, you want more speed, particularly on the upload side. In my area, I can saturate the 50x15 Comcast pipe (for which I pay dearly), though honestly the download speed is gravy; it's the upload I bought up for.

If I were in FiOS territory, I could pay less than I am now for 150/65 service, or even less for 75/35. I'd probably end up on one of those two tiers.

WHen I get my own place, where I will be the only one using the 'net 99% of the time, I'll still appreciate high upload speeds, but no one is willing to provide more than 5 Mbps, and I'm not sure if I actually want to pay another $70 per month to get an additional cable line and bond it with the one I'll already have. So I'll probably sit at 30x5. If I was moving to fiOS territory, I'd certainly grab 50/25 or 75/35 in that case. But hey, I'm a power suer.