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[Eastern Ontario] Need a new IP address, with cisco wireless mod


I need to a new ip address. I have the Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway which is a modem/wireless router combo.

I know if I had one of the older modems (without a router built in) I could just hook the modem up to my computer, change the computers MAC address, then reset the modem and that would give me a new IP.

Is there anyway I can get a new IP using this modem? I called tech support and the service rep said the only way he knew of doing it was to unplug the modem for a week for the lease to expire, obviously that is not acceptable...

Hamilton, ON

Re: [Eastern Ontario] Need a new IP address, with cisco wireless

said by bigfam:

Is there anyway I can get a new IP using this modem?

Short answer.. No

Long answer... The Public IP is leased to the MAC of the internal interface between Modem and Router. This MAC is hard-coded by the Manufacturer and is not reconfigurable.

Solution... Use your Nettiqute

IP changes are typically requested to circumvent some Ban or Block on a specific IP by a specific site/service.

If your IP recently changed and you are now blocked, most sites/services have a process to have the IP block removed as you are not the party intended to be blocked.

If your IP has not recently changed, than you have likely been blocked to to some AUP/TOS violation within that site/server. Again, most sites/services have a process to request the block to be removed.


Yeah I was wondering if theres a way to clone/change the MAC like you can in most routers...If there was a way to do this in the cisco modem they gave me.

Like I said before with the regular VOIP modems that cogeco gives out all I needed to do was change the MAC on my PC and then restart the modem.

The reason I need a new MAC is that there is an ultima online server that I play on but they only let you create two accounts per IP address.

I did not expect cogeco to give me this modem/router combo. Since for the past few years ive used a business class router coupled with a linux box and all my traffic was routed through that.

Hamilton, ON
said by bigfam:

The reason I need a new MAC is that there is an ultima online server that I play on but they only let you create two accounts per IP address.

Once again, this is a Block implemented on their Server, they are allowing 2 accounts per IP in their ToS and blocking additional accounts.


There is no ToS, this is a player run server this was coded in probably about 5-6 years back when the server population was in the thousands. Now theres maybe 100 people that play, if that? Emails to the server admins have gone un answered, because they have moved onto other things and dont give a rats ass about a player run server (which is technically against Electronic Arts ToS since you seem to be so worried about that instead of actually giving a suggestion)

You can login unlimited accounts per IP, but since the server hasnt been updated / code change you can't create NEW ones.

I have new roommates who want to play with me, but cannot, because they cannot create an account.

So instead of lecturing me it would be nice if there was a solution. This isnt is an issue with PPPOE DSL connections, nor would it be an issue if cogeco had sent me a modem that would allow me to put it into bridge mode.

Maybe there is a way to put the modem into bridge mode? I don't really want to go through the hassle of having cogeco switch modems.

There is a lack of sanity

Hamilton, ON
You may want to consider the point of contact you have is stale. I would advise that if it is a sufficiently sized service, it'd likely have a forum, try lodging a support request there.

If the service is truly running without an administration, then it's only a matter of time until it goes defunct and stops operating all together (bills go unpaid, service gets compromised due to lack of maintenance, service just stops running, so forth). I would advise searching for a new service where the administration actively maintains the service.

It is not the ISP's responsibility to provide new IP addresses on request regardless if it is a "legitimate" reason or not. The IP address space is usually assigned in an automated manner and only changes in infrastructure changes the IP addressing scheme. Tinkering with MAC addressing is just a method to attempt to get Cogeco's DHCP servers to assign you something different than is "on record" which is suspicious in itself.
--Kradorex Xeron
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Hamilton, ON
reply to bigfam
Not only does it seem crazy that you would expect it to be Cogeco's problem to get around the coded rules of an out of date game, but why can't you just use a proxy or ask a friend to register the accounts if what you described is true? Take a trip to anywhere that offers free wireless internet and you'll have a new IP, register some accounts and you're good to go.

Yelling at the Cogeco support people who are here to help with real ISP-related problems is not really the right move. This is in no way Cogeco's fault or responsibility. Marcer is a great asset to this community and it is unfair to take your issue out on him.


I apologize to Marcer. Sorry man, I know your just trying to help

It was not my intent to place blame or blame cogeco. Cogeco is great, By far the best ISP I can get in my area. The best price, the best speeds, no torrent throttling, great newsgroup retention, I could go on and on.

I am very happy with their service and the support, Especially the support I received on this board regarding a DNS issue/problem I had when I first had service picked up. Without people like Marcer and other people on this board I wouldn't have been able to fix the issue.

As noted in the thread below, I had a really strange problem and would not have had it resolved without the help of dslreport community and the support techs who help us out. Thank you all.

»[Eastern Ontario] Got cogeco last week. Plagued with DNS issues

Once again im sorry, I didn't behave respectfully.

If anyone cares what I did to fix to issue was was pay $5 for a VPN where I could choose from dozens and dozens of IP addresses.

Once again, sorry. Especially to you to Marcer

if you live in a storefront area maybe you can bring it in for a swap to a regular modem. I dont know, but it may be worth a try if you dont like the wifi gateway.