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Kent, WA
reply to retiredqwest

Re: [Signals] Just moved and need some advice

Thanks, I'll contact Comcast about having a grounding block installed on the tap.

I'm not a huge fan of crawlspaces (especially ones that previously had mice in them), but I think I should really run a new 25-30 foot cable from the outside of the house down into the crawlspace and over to the family room. Are there any good options for having someone else do this without paying an arm and a leg?

I also really don't want to re-wire the whole house at this time; I just want to have both the TV and Internet service in the family room (I already have wifi and HomePlug AV equipment to distribute the LAN/WAN throughout the house), and we currently have no plans to use TVs anywhere else in the house.


Spokane, WA
I think you might be hard pressed to find someone willing to do the crawlspace thing on the cheap. Especially concerning mice and Hanta Virus.

The Comcast tech will more than likely not be interested in doing it either... but it won't hurt to ask how much to install the line.

He might be willing to provide the RG6 cable for free. So, if you get the cable placed they will come back and install the connectors for free.

Is it possible to get close enough to the family room on the outside of the house?

On Craigslist, there's some guy in Kirkland who will install coax for a $1 a foot....8)


Kent, WA

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I'm actually a bit confused about where the current line to the family room is installed; it goes into a hole in the garage wall and then disappears, but my understanding is that it's not likely that there is crawlspace under the concrete-floored 3-car garage. I think there's a vent in the foundation on that side of the house, though, so I guess there must be a space under it?

Going around the outside wouldn't work too well, but I have been thinking of an alternative: the built-in entertainment center shares a wall with the garage, so I could drill into the garage by going right through the back of the existing cable hole. I could then tack up RG6 around the garage to where the existing cable comes in. This would involve going over a door and behind the tankless water heater and furnace, but I don't think any of that would be too dicey.