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Re: [Homephone] Bell won't accept 30 day notice of porting numbe

said by dc2323:

I told him that I have a right to port my number and they have a right to ask for 30 day notice. What they don't have a right to do is ask for notice and then refuse to accept it in order to pull a bogus charge.

He refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

Yes, I recently had this very same experience. I had DSL on the same line and during the LNP process DSL was terminated too. Originally I had placed the call to provide 30 days notice to cancel DSL service when the agent insisted I also provide notice for the landline.

When arguing with the service agent I said they had to reconnect the DSL service because there was zero chance I would pay for two undelivered services. Instead of submitting a ticket to re-connect the DSL service, the agent "forgave" the charges for the landline and both services were terminated immediately pro-rated to that day. Mighty big of them eh?

Moving service away from Bell was purely a business decision and I previously had no complaints of Bell. Now however, they've poisoned the well. It would take a *lot* to woo me back.

Luckily, I previously had a dry loop installed with TekSavvy DSL service so I had no interruption in DSL services.

Why do they purposely behave so poorly and cultivate this reputation? Its completely bizarre.