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Runs from Clowns

2 edits
reply to NetFixer

Re: Note to all:

OK, I see I did misunderstand and misinterpret. My bad for not asking NetDog privately and I suppose I deserved the scolding.

I'll stop interrupting now.

Edit: The semicolon before the statement in NetDog's first post was the reason I thought his request applied to either option and why I thought his post was an example of the first option.

; Please keep the /32 in the IPv6 address for the identifier so we can confirm you have a Comcast IPv6 address.

With the semicolon placed there, it appeared his statement, the one I quoted here, applied to either option of screenshot.

Note to all: Post locks are a mod indicator that this is the end of subtopic. In this case, if you want to reply to me or NetFixer, please use the IM system.

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