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Re: [DSL] attn Rocky .. TekSavvy & Bell PROBLEMS

> "FYI ... "legal sense" ..."

Sorry, no ... this thread is on a forum on privately held computer located in the United States and available for public view. It is not a matter of public record. DSLReports has every right to do exactly what it wants with it. When you joined DSLReports you were pointed to pages which state this quite clearly. The Consititutions of Canada and the USA have nothing whatsoever to do with that scenario.

In this post, you seem more concerned about the fate of this thread and some right you have to be heard than to do with the actual problems with ISPs in Canada. Where did you get the idea that I thought you were a gov't employee?

Moreover, your reading of the Constitution Act of 1982 is flawed. What you have read is that Charter applies to the Parliament and Government of Canada ... which essentially means that Parliament shall not create laws and the Government shall not enact regulations derived from those laws that violate the charter. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the application of laws either as written or common law.

You posted in a publicly visible forum in which people are free to respond to your comments, and not just the intended recipients. Even if you had written it as an "Open Letter to Rocky of TekSavvy", it would still be open to comments by others. That's the very nature of DSLReports. If you wanted to vent in a closed medium, you might send a letter to an editor at a newspaper, although even that doesn't guarantee no replies, the nature of the LTTE process reduces that! If you wanted a private vent, then you could have sent him an email.

So, that you might get comments is something you might have considered before posting your vent.

I was just stating the reality of the situation. And the poster who suggested the way to solve these problems is to contact the Minister of Industry is right. You seem to believe that you as an individual control government ... well, here's your chance. But I have to say, that the last time I looked, the way we control our government is by the electoral process. Once they are elected, particularly in a majority government, they seem to have the ability to do what they please, even attempting to violate the Constitution and Charter. Thank goodness the Government and Judiciary are at least somewhat independent of each other.

For someone who has supposedly studied law, you sound very confused. Much like the people in the US who believe that when your name on official documents is all capitals, then that is not you, or who believe there's a difference between the US flag with and without a border ... all things that make them immune to the wrath of the taxman.


Toledo, OH
Private computer or not if the US Gov't wanted something off this board- the only thing they'd have to do is issue a court order and Justin/Karl would be required to comply. If not- In America- website could go blank. And we all know who has the biggest pockets between the 2.


Kitchener, ON
reply to sbrook
I'm not here to get into a contest about differences between commercial and common law, nor am I here to entertain people's particular spins. Laws are laws.
Anyone has a problem in that respect they can go see a lawyer, attorney, priest, guru or whomever is fluent in laws.

It's a matter of public record now as over 700 views and possible copies, including ones that have been censored .. which are probably recorded by those censored. I don't appreciate my lawful comments being throttled / hidden from view. Thank you.

Fact: This site provides a public service, therefore it's a servant and is obligated to keep records according to backup standards ... hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly for it's and users protection.

Are you being a moderator or censor with your spin of "In this post, you seem more concerned about the fate of this thread and some right you have to be heard than to do with the actual problems with ISPs in Canada." and others?
It makes many wonder what you're hiding and what agenda you're promoting on here.

If I wanted to contact Rocky some other way then I would have done so long ago.

I repeat ... This is about open communication with Rocky to solve situations and problems, as per agreement with TekSavvy staff.
Or is this not a TekSavvy forum?

Or are you ready to answer under full commercial liability?

Therefore sbrook, please keep my comments/posts and those of relevance visible and unedited. You don't know the extent or depth of these matters nor where they may lead so I/we would appreciate you wait til such time as Rocky and I are done our discussion.
Expand your moderator at work