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Evans, GA
reply to Vinceruos_t

Re: [Vanilla] Good read on the Golden Age of World PvP

said by Vinceruos_t:

Uh no. Aggroing Mobs to get a little extra attack power is not going to help you in pvp. The extra damage you take while you are trying to pvp would get you killed. Tanks sucked back when pvp stacked vengance. The only class that was ok'ish was Blood DKs, and that was only 1v1 vs another melee DPS. So no, attacking mobs to get a little vengance while PVPing would be stupid.

In a simplistic setup, I agree. Now, despite my loathing of pvp, I did get into some of the city raids when achievements were first put in... and when you are talking 2 raids versus 2 raids with heals and tanks, etc... who's gonna notice that extra mob beating on the tank feeding him attack power? (and... it wasn't just a little attack power.. it was broken. And they only fixed it by adjusting the source of vengeance).
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