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Evansville, IN

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reply to OSUGoose

Re: [CATV] Evansville structured wiring question

said by OSUGoose:

I was linking that box as being your structured media panel, as traditionally those panels are located next to your fuse panel/breaker box that feeds the whole house.

True, I figured as much. But, in my area, most new construction winds up having the breaker panel in the garage; just about the worst place for a structured wiring panel because of heat. Sometimes, depending on how the house is laid out and how it sits on the lot they may use a laundry/utility room but I'd say the garage is used about 90% of the time.

Also, I'm sure I'd wind up using a box similar to that but it would be way too small for my needs. I know they make larger though.

Thanks again for all the info.

- Byron