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Toronto, ON

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Re: [Homephone] Bell raised residential rates again (June 2012)

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said by yyzlhr :

said by PRIUS:

The new prices that took effect June 3, 2012 is for Home Phone Services not in a Home Phone package. Home Phone packages (including Lite, Basic, Choice and Complete are not affected; in other words, no price increase).


Thanks for your link, but what exactly are they referring to when they say home phone service not in a home phone package?

P.O.T.S (Plain Old Telephone Service) Line. Bell still offers P.O.T.S. telephone service to new and existing customers, as indicated in the 'Full Offer Details' at the bottom of the page (See attached).

So, for example, John Doe is a Bell Customer to Home Phone Basic offering two calling features and wishes to downgrade to a P.O.T.S. line. According to the 'Full Offer Details' (disclaimer notice) on Bell's website, P.O.T.S. is available to NEW and EXISTING CUSTOMERS.

As well, Bell cannot raise the price on a regulated line without the approval from the CRTC. On a deregulated line, Bell can raise the prices anytime the company wishes to do so (Home Phone Packages).

Scarborough, ON
Mine finally went up $2.77.

Does anyone know what month the notice of increase was supposed to be in?