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Evans, GA
reply to DarkLogix

Re: [Vanilla] Good read on the Golden Age of World PvP

said by DarkLogix:

IMO my idea would mean a small discount on VP/JP/honor/Conquest points so if your capped you might be able to buy 1 more item, maybe a 2200 item would become 1900 just a small bit but just enough so maybe you get 1 more item that week, and then your guild gets gears that much faster so you can do the current tier faster

frankly, I find the mixing of pve and pvp rewards to be a horrible model for 2 reasons:
--it blurrs the lines between PvP and PvE servers. If the rewards and such are purely pvp centric, then there is nothing "missing" from the PvE servers.
--It encourages bad pvp. You get PvE geared folks trying to do pvp just for pve gear. It makes for bad pvp and horrible pvp experiences for those who don't want to pvp.

we already have the means to convert pvp currency to pve currency... so there is no need to make any singular even pay out both. Pvp earns Honor... PvE earns Valor... and if you want to convert the currencies for whatever reason you use a vendor to do so.
Immergruen (resto/kitty) on Nathrezim Server (US)
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I'd rather hang out with friends and collect gear, mounts, and achievements that don't require me to beat up on the weaker kid.

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Baytown, TX
Well you wouldn't be earing points just a limited time discount on spending them.

and you wouldn't have people autoflaged for pvp but if they aren't flaged then they couldn't capture the tower, and if they sneak on the tower unflaged then flagging themselves would port them away.

So the Pve'ers that don't want to PVP the reward would be minimal, but a nice perk for top guilds who hopefully would pvp with pvp gear to get the towers, because pve geared would be cannon foder.

For It would be something on all servers just optional so if you want to take part go for it if not don't, if you're a Pve'er and crap at pvp let the Pvp'ers get it done or become cannon foder.

you wouldn't have the limit on numbers that TB/WG had just all out server wide war for however long it takes, if there are a few bad Pve'ers pvping well they likely won't be in your party unless you invite them.

Also it'd be interesting to see some freshly respawned PVP'er running across the feild to get to the tower while some PvE'er is herbing or questing, so it'd server to liven things up


reply to Immer
All you need to do to promote world PVP is just have intersecting quest hubs, and dont allow flying mounts. Thats it rly. Just make sure the quests provide adequete incentives so that people keep doing them. Thats it, the rest will work itself out. I am not a fan of zangamarsh tower capture type world pvp because then you get into server inbalance issues. Even if you provide an awesome bonus to whoever is holding it the faction that is getting killed all the time is just going to get sick of it and not even try anymore. Firelands dailies was the best world pvp that Cata had, but it was an instanced zone so I know thta they can do a lot better.