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Re: Using IP address legal & practical

So if somebody takes their laptop to Starbucks and uses the wifi there to download a movie, are you saying that Starbucks should be held liable for copyright infringement and can be sued, because they didn't do their "due diligence" to prevent such infringement?

And what exactly is due diligence? Putting a password on the access point? Is WEP okay, or does it have to be WPA, or WPA2? What if Starbucks is using WEP and somebody cracks it and downloads a movie, was that not due diligence? What else is required? A router capable of DPI to ensure that there are no infringement sessions taking place? Do they have to block known pirate sites?


Tuscaloosa, AL

Or maybe they have to get your laptop's MAC address and a photo ID from you, then link that record with a record of your session so that, if anyone downloads copyrighted material, they can check the IP against the MAC, then look to see whose ID is on file with that MAC attached.

And all that effort can be undone by someone with a fake ID or an employee who accidentally or deliberately enters the information incorrectly.


Mac addresses can and do get repeated.

Furthermore, changing your mac address is trivial.