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reply to Mr Matt

Re: Prepaid is significantly different than postpaid.

I really don't know anyone who would fall for the BS consumer cellular service, even there cheesy commercials were a joke at best. I believe the masses will go with a more well known prepaid provider when it comes time to service hop, and really with the low pricing point on most prepaid options paying for unlimited is and will continue to be the norm. Those individuals opting for by the min prepaid ( which as you said has no Night or weekends) don't need or want the nights or weekend as there just occasional phone users.

Nights and weekends was a Gotcha to begin with as the time period people talk on there phone the most past, present, and future is during the daylight hours and during weekdays. Who really calls and holds a lavish conversation at 2 am ? Mobile to mobile is almost extinct as having unlimited defeated the cellular companies hold over who you could call, and when, and on what network. That was also a big gotcha, in the beginning ( and currently still over at ATT) if you had mobile to mobile on the XYZ network you could only call someone else on the XYZ network to not run the timer on your minutes. Pointless if the 5 people you know and call the most all have 5 different carriers.

We do see similarly on one point, the lack of roaming on prepaid. I wouldn't mind if its not free, but there need to be an option for it, for example: Id gladly pay T-mobile and extra $5 a month (example) on top of my $60 prepaid 4G plan (now making my bill $65 monthly) to have the ability to roam with unlimited talk and txt only on ATT network where there is no T-mobile tower in sight. We All know ATT would not be willing to offer up any data unless its billed per byte, that why I suggested A Talk/txt option alone.

Opera ex-pat
Irving, TX

Who really calls and holds a lavish conversation at 2 am ?
My dad, whenever he calls one of his friends. He could be on the phone from 10pm to 2 or 3am sometimes....Not that that happens very often, and usually happens on the landline.

I've been on prepaid since 2002, switched to T-Mo prepaid in 2007 and haven't looked back. T-Mo's got the best prepaid deal around ($100/1000 minutes/1 year expiry) and coverage in my area is pretty good.
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