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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
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Re: Greed!!!

When cellphone service first came available to replace the horrible IMTS system, the "mobile phone for the rest of us" cost $3K-$4K for the handset, $45-90/month plus $.45-.90/minute before long distance or roaming.

It was greed that built that system, and it was greed that inspired Sprint to enter the market as a 3rd player with "PCS", then MCI and Nextel, and prices came tumbling down.

Today, we have "greed" driving America Movil and Deutsche Telecom, along with Cricket/Leap and MetroPCS, among others, and the result is a cornucopia of choice, at lower and lower prices. The exception? A few didn't properly project the "greed" of a small group of wireless data customers, many of whom intentionally overuse or saturate the service and then complain about "unlimited" terms.

I'll take "corporate greed" over socialism any day of the week.

Another article today cites Smartphone users averaging 1.4Gb monthly, clearly validating the 2GB tiers. If you use more, why are you unwilling to pay for it?