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Tuscaloosa, AL
reply to FFH5

Re: Using IP address legal & practical

No it isn't like a capital murder trial, but you have to consider three things here. First, there is no requirement that an ISP participates in this program, so, even if the RIAA and MPAA say they won't sue anyone until their six strikes are up, such a promise wouldn't cover anyone using a non-participating ISP. Second, such a promise not to sue is just that: a promise. It carries no legal weight, so these organizations could sue at any time if they felt justified in doing so. Third, there are many, many individuals and companies that hold copyrights, and they aren't obligated in any way to participate in this program.

So, in reality, you have no real protection here. The most you have is a promise that only the copyright holders signed on to this program won't sue the customer of a participating ISP; a promise that isn't worth a thing if it isn't honored.