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Virginia Beach, VA

[HD] I Call BS on Comcast / NBC Universal Quality Reasoning

Sitting here watching USA HD on my parent's Suddenlink Cable and there are none of the color artifacts or horrible scene change compression that happens on FiOS.

For those who don't remember/know, I went round and round with Vz because USA HD and SyFy HD quality is horrendous for me, to the point where I am buying their shows off iTunes and the SD feed looks better than HD for the most part. Vz said NBC U has compressed the signal they are sending for the group of stations. That is likely true, but I feel something must be happening to the feed beyond this to cause the Vz issues I see.


I totally agree. I have had the same problem, and went around and around with a VZ tech on the FiOS 'official' forum.

According to the Verizon representative, the issue with the picture quality on so many NBCUniversal channels is because of an 'issue' they are having with NBCUniversal. And that's the exact word he used.

One can only guess what the 'issue' is (cough, money, cough), but it's been here for a long time. So great...as part of my expensive package, I have to pay for an inferior picture on many of my most-watched channels.


Township Of Washington, NJ
I mentioned in another thread about this, the problem with transitions on scenes happens on Direct TV to so NBCU has an issue they need to fix.
Some if it simply has to be a lack of bandwidth.


Virginia Beach, VA
I may have not watched long enough to see the scene change compression on Suddenlink, but I definitely didn't see the color artifacts. At any rate, I hope Vz /NBC U can fix this at some point. About the only cable channels I watch are USA, SyFy, and the ESPN networks....