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Hudson, FL

One way or another, I would end up paying more...

I had the "Ultimate" bundle, which included the 35/35 tier. My $119.99 price was up for renewal, and no longer available. So, I made the move to the 75/35 plan, keeping the TV and phone at the same service levels.

The result, is a $20 increase over the first three months, and a $25 increase after that. It's about the same as the new rate that I would have paid, had I renewed before the 75/35 option was introduced.

Interestingly enough, this rate was *without* a two-year contract. Had I opted for the contract, I would have paid yet another $20 per month, for the same plan. To me, this seems backwards, but I have no problem going with a non-contracted plan. I really don't need a $250 gift card, that won't cover the cost of the extra monthly fee, over the life of the contract.