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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to tim tim tim

Re: iPhone & Android tablet users get Bright House TV App Joy!

said by tim tim tim:

on me and my wifes iphone 4s I get an error saying "cant fetch live tv data" or something.. any idea what causes that?

When does this happen Tim? Is it all the time, part of the time, when you do a specific thing? Need more data...
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tim tim tim

Lutz, FL
every time.. I just got my phone a few days ago and have tried it 10+ times and never gotten it to work. I tried my wifes phone too to see if it was the phone and hers is doing the same thing.

All I did was download the app, I put my login info and the wheel starts rolling like its loading then it pops up with that error and then you click ok and the wheel continues to roll. After a few minutes it stops and just sits on a black screen.