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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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reply to FTBoomer

Re: [Internet] Best Routers for Bridged Networks

We have a new release of firmware posted on the RT-N56u alternative firmware site!! I am testing it now.. please give it a couple of days for my response before using it (lets just be safe ...better me than you).

----------------- RT-N56U_1.1.1.8f-b8-2 firmware by Padavan ---------------

Changes log from firmware
- Update Linux kernel to wive-rtnl trunc 3.0.5:
1) Fixed random oops and panic reboots on receive oversized (>1514) Ethernet frames.
2) HW_NAT fixes for WiFi offload.
- Fixed out of range bug in WiFi driver rt2860v2_ap (5GHz), disabled unused support 16 beacons with
ShareMem context switch (less CPU overhead).
- Fixed WebGUI page WDS 2.4GHz corruption in Firefox.
- Fixed WebGUI pages reload after change settings.
- Disabled force add gateway IP to resolv.conf for AP mode.
- Changed WiFi enable/disable control logic - use complete up/down net interfaces for enable/disable
radio instead of brute on/off transceiver toggle. The same logic used for WiFi scheduler and remapped
WPS button.
- Kernel param rp_filter (reverse-path filter) moved to custom start script and not more overwrited from rc.
- Updated dnsmasq to v2.62.
- Increased delay after reset USB host for more stable USB devices detection on router startup.

These functions DO NOT WORK:
- WPS/WSC (complete disabled by big security issues).
- ASUS Download Master is no longer supported. Replaced by Transmission.
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