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Joan D


[Internet] Halton, Peel & Caledon Region Rural Internet Complain

Rural Wi-Max Unplugged customers with Bell and Rogers have been switched to the new Turbohub for internet access. These hubs now fall under the jurisdiction of Bell/Rogers Mobility and not Bell/Rogers Internet. Our bills have jumped from $50/mo to hundreds of dollars, some > $700/mo.! This is obviously not affordable. Although some of us live minutes away from subdivisions we have no other option available to us. There is no cable, DSL, fibre optic, etc. And there won't be for a very long time.

This is not fair or reasonable. We are being pushed back into the early 90's. Two people, one from Halton Region and one from Peel Region, both contacted Ellen Roseman, Consumer Advocate at the Toronto Star. Ms. Roseman has suggested that we combine our efforts because, as she stated, "Bell does not expect people to get together and make a fuss."

Therefore, we've done as she suggested and we`re making a 'fuss'. Anyone who has been affected by the Turbohub in rural Ontario is invited to join us to bring attention to this situation.

More information as well as a survey about how this change has affected you and your family are available at the website »www.affordablehispeed.com

Ms. Roseman has expressed interest in this as a story and we will involve the media as soon as we have enough information, through the website, to make it newsworthy.

We also want to hear from rural customers who have found an alternate supplier that they are happy with. Mass migration from Bell and/or Rogers may be an option.

Thank you.

Joan Doane