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Brooklyn, NY
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Re: Rapacious ...

Your NET price went up, even if you downgraded your tier.. Verizon raised prices across the board.. so, it's pay up or LEAVE. Maybe if they lose more customers they might blink on cutting deals in retention or new customer aquisitions but not today.. I think the people who fell in love with the faster speeds aren't as quick to pay the higher prices these days the way the economy and personal budgets are today. The killer apps that work today at 20 megabits will still work fine at the lowest tiers.. there aren't enough killer apps to justify 300mbit connections or 150mbit connections. 95% will be on the lowest 50/25 tier and 4% on the 75mbit tier.. much less on 150 & 300... and all this caveats to the customer being convinced a higher price is worth the service. With the best cable deals you can save $30+ in comparison and that's too wide a gap for many.