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Here's a few "pointers" successfully dealing with Cabl

Hi all,

I've just finished "negotiating" with Cableone in resolving some chronic problems that I've been facing for several months and everything has been resolved to my satisfaction. Here's some "pointers" that I've found helpful in dealing with them. Hopefully they will help someone else, too.

1) If you have service issues, call your local office and use the phone prompts to "ask a question about your bill". You will talk to the same local reps every time and they will remember who you are. I've also found them to be extremely helpful... much more helpful than the counter reps or any of the corporate reps in Phoenix.

2) Cableone does issue credits for poor service and they are fairly generous in doing so. They have access to graphs showing customer service levels that go back several months at a time. If these graphs reflect a problem... they will issue credit upon request. I received a two month credit by having them evaluate the graphs and by merely asking.

3) If you're having major problems and just want "out" of a contract without penalty to explore other options... you can. It will need approved by management and takes a few days... and you need a good reason. A "poor service" reason won't cut it... but saying something like "can't dial 911 to make emergency calls when the network is down" will work. You can go "month to month" after successfully breaking a contract or explore other options.

4) Arris modems are 100% junk. If you're experiencing constant modem resets or down service... chances are good the Arris modem is to blame. Don't bother exchanging one Arris modem for another... it won't help. I went ahead and purchased my own Motorola SBG6580 wireless gateway and it has performed 1000 times better than any Arris modem they supply. My old Arris was resetting itself several times a day... while the Motorola has been rock stable on their network. You can buy a refurbished Motorola Docsis 3.0 modem on Ebay for well under $100.

5) I highly discourage anyone taking their VOIP service especially due to the Arris modem issues. Buy a much better modem like a refurbished Motorola for well under $100 on Ebay and get a Nettalk adapter at Walmart for $50 or less. Your phone service will be much better and stable... and you'll be saving tons of money in the long run.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Scottsdale, AZ

Re: Here's a few "pointers" successfully dealing with

Thanks for the tips.

I agree the local people are so much better than corporate. Plus I got them to run a line a few hundred feet where there was none so I could get service for free, normally they said the line was going to be ~$1200 but dropped it to $500, I talked to local and they did it for free, the ironic part is that they waited until I called them back to confirm it was live before telling me, guess they wanted to see how serious I was.
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Kansas City, MO
reply to cableonehs

Unfortunately regarding "2)" in our case, our local business IP Manager told us just recently:
"As for compensation, I can credit you for the issue related to the corrosion (...per their line tech...) Per the AUP agreed to during registration, we provide best effort service, meaning speeds are not guaranteed."

So, I'm not sure what we'll see here for our issue.

Overall, I'm fine w/ this as long as they can correct the issues we're having here right now... and KEEP things stable.