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London, UK

[request] Increase size of quick reply box

edit: maybe this should go under site bugs, instead of feature requests... mod please move if more appropraite.

This is only an issue for me when using my iPad to reply to posts on dslr, so it should be an iPad specific fix, but this might also apply to iPhone and other small screen devices.

When typing into the quick reply box, and inevitably when I need to move the cursor around to fix a typo, trying to position the cursor through the magnifying glass tends to result in the box scrolling up or down, making it very difficult to place the cursor.

I think its because when you get near the top or bottom of the box it tries to be smart and scroll up or down to reveal more text for you. But as the box is so small, this happens immediately because you're already near the top or bottom, theres no point at which it will just rest. Its like trying to swat a fly with the tip of your finger.

Its kind of counter-intuitive to make something bigger on a smaller screen device, but it would make a great difference to mobile usability of the site!

Requiescat in pace
Numquam oblitus
Hoboken, NJ

Re: Increase size of quick reply box

See if hitting the enter or return key a few times to expand the size of the box before tying helps.

London, UK
It doesnt. It stays 3 lines high.

That would probably help a bit if it would expand a few more lines, might get away from that "smart edge" scrolling feature.

Fort Collins, CO
reply to tmpchaos
That works for me in Chrome, although I don't find that convenient. It's still very cramped. Too bad this textarea can't be expanded in Chrome, as most textareas are. I assume it's because there's some local script controlling it.

It's also surprising that you can't move on to a full featured reply screen once you're in the quick reply, as you can in most most other forums packages.