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Toronto, ON
reply to junkmail2002

Re: Teksavvy Cable - Connection Dropping every 4-8 Hours

One of techsavvy big mistakes was to lump everything into a modem firmware issues rather then look deeper.

Certainly that was the cause of many disconnects but it was hardly the only reason.

I got friends with the newer firmware and different modems that had disconnects all the time.

Lately i think they realized the mistake they had made and have been working to fix those other issues.



My gut feel tells me that the modem firmware is part of the symptoms, not the cause of the disconnects. There is only so much the firmware can do when the signals hit the pavement.

The firmware is how good a particular modem would recover from a case of hiccups. Would it freezes up or crash or recover after a few tries? I have no faith in a new modem model until it has been proven itself in the field. Newer firmware might mean old bugs fixed, but new one introduced.

Once again today's Tx signal had gone through the roof. It disconnect every 30 seconds. Just hope it caused enough trouble for the Rogers customers in my building for them to call.