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reply to Prototype5

Re: Tl:DR please

said by Prototype5:

Someone explain to me why getting 6 chances is worse than than having the RIAA/MPAA subpoena my name and threaten to sue me for like $3,000 a song.

a proper and legal process is one, would you like to be accused of something based on an IP address, which has been proven in the past to be unreliable to identify an infringer? and you get those strikes NOT by a legal process, but by a company that specializes in making money for the RIAA/MPAA etc. both federal and state judges have ruled on this, if you read my links i posted carefully, one post up. you can be totally innocent, yet have your internet cut off, and possibly sued with no legal evidence whatsoever?. this is all over with these court decisions unless they can PROVE who did the copyright infringing!. they'd need a camera taking a picture of the infringer, unless the infringer admits guilt to prosecute!.
here's another good link for you. »Comcast Starts Standing Up to BitTorrent Lawsuits
and another. »Verizon Beats Back E-Book Settlement Troll