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Nesconset, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to aa6vh

Re: [FiOS Phone] Converting from Freedom Essentials to Digital V

said by aa6vh:

I read that Verizon's management, in their infinite wisdom, decided that only new customers can get Digital Voice. Supposedly they are not supposed to allow upgrades from Freedom Essentials to Digital Voice.

I also read that the CSRs are not always aware of this policy, and that it is difficult (if not impossible) to bypass the policy.

There is a long thread on this topic over on the actual Verizon FIOS support forum, if you want more details.

I'm not sure how accurate that is, when I upgraded to 75/35 I was told I had to upgrade to digital voice as well or they couldn't give me the higher speed.

Norristown, PA
said by Chris123NT:

I'm not sure how accurate that is, when I upgraded to 75/35 I was told I had to upgrade to digital voice as well or they couldn't give me the higher speed.

Same here. Since I was already on FIOS, the copper line was long since disconnected anyway and now that I have DV, what's not to like about it (well, besides the snafu I had with my distinctive ring line)?


Midlothian, VA
As has been reported before in this and other threads its simply not true anymore. Very few places don't support DV. The reason you cannot is because of 1 of two reasons:

1. Your ONT is old and doesn't support it.
2. You really are unlucky in that your CO hasn't been updated yet

Call verizon explain that your ONT is older than they, use the neighbors addresses who recently got FiOS or don't yet have it and see if they can get it. Once you have those addresses in hand tell the CSR that yes your area can in fact get DV and to file the ticket to correct your address.

If all else fails tell them you want 150/65 and they will have to most likely update your ONT which will automatically release your address now for DV and then you have call yet again and get the CSR to bundle you.

This is what I am in the middle of having to do...so far all the CSR have been very respectful and helpful and reporting on the updated status of the various tickets i have open in this painful process.


Silver Spring, MD
reply to gadgetboyj
I just upgraded from 35/35 with Freedom Essentials to 150/65 with Digital Voice. I didn't see any option on the ordering website to get anything different.

I used the extra features of DV (digital voicemail to email, anonymous call block, ability to black-hole up to 10 specific numbers) to justify the extra costs of the faster internet service.

I suppose I should make some calls on it tonight to see if I can perceive any difference in sound quality. We have had 10-digit dialing in our area for years now so that doesn't bother me.

The only thing I would complain about with DV is the lack of an iPhone app for visual management of voicemail messages. Seems like we should have that in 2012!


I too wanted the new faster speeds but when I tried to upgrade it said it wasn't available. I have Freedom Essentials and wanted Digital Voice and that wasn't available either. When I went online and checked availability I pretended I was a new customer and for my address it said Digital Voice and Quantum was available.

I called my local billing office and spoke to a fairly knowledgeable account rep. She said only a VERY, VERY small portion of customers cannot get Quantum or Digital Voice so she did some digging in to my account. She noticed some odd things with my account and put me on hold for a bit. She then told me my account was "locked" and that lock wouldn't allow a large portion of the available upgrades to be displayed as being available when checked either online or when calling in. She said the account would have to be fixed by their technical team and that she'd call me back the following day.

She didn't call back the following day so I called and spoke to another representative who insisted that Quantum and Digital Voice were NOT available at my house. I explained what the other rep told me and she knew nothing about that type of problem. I told her when I went online and pretended to establish new service at my address it said Quantum and Digital Voice was available. She said that was incorrect information.

Not getting anywhere, I went online and just put in a new order. I didn't login to my existing account but went to the Verizon home page and made like I was ordering new service. There was actually an option for "Moving" so I selected that. I entered my existing account login information that they asked for and when they asked for the new address I just entered my existing address but added "Unit #2" to the address. The system came back with a message that said something like, "There is existing service at this address." with two options, "Option #1: I am moving in to this address and want to establish new service after the current resident moves out." and "Option #2: This service is in addition to the existing service already there." (I don't remember the exact wording but you get the idea). I selected the second option. When it came back with a list of the available services it had Digital Voice and Quantum 75/35 as being available. It also asked me to select the disconnection date for my existing service and told me a technician would have to come out for the new service. So I just made the disconnection date the same date as the new installation.

My thoughts are this:

I think Verizon has two different systems that check availability. One that checks the local Central Office only as to what is available out of the Central Office and one that checks the actual address and what ONT equipment is already there. The reason I think this is because my parents had a FiOS line and a POTS line. They wanted their POTS number disconnected and moved to the FiOS line and the easiest way to do that was to actually disconnect the existing FiOS line and establish new FiOS service on the POTS line. Before the new FiOS was installed I checked their existing FiOS account and they were on Freedom Essentials with 35 MB service and no option to upgrade to Digital Voice or Quantum. After the technician installed a new ONT I went online and checked their account. They were still on Freedom Essentials with 35 MB but they now had upgrade options of Digital Voice and Quantum. So I upgraded them and when I did that their bill actually went down by about $30 a month even though they were getting faster speeds.

The old ONT at my parent's house that the technician replaced was the same as the ONT I currently have at my house. (White boxes, not the big gray one.) Their new ONT is also white but has different ports and stuff. If I am correct some ONT's are not compatible with Digital Voice and certain Quantum speeds. Verizon doesn't want to replace those ONT's so they tell you Quantum and Digital Voice are not available at your specific address even though the Central Office is capable of delivering it.

The other thing is my home was one of the first homes to have FiOS when it became available in late 2004/early 2005 in Pennsylvania. I know for a fact that my account was under a very old billing system that encountered dozens of technical problems and they actually had to build my account all over again in late 2007/early 2008 and that's when they replaced my old gray ONT with the current white one and gave me a new phone number. If you ask me my account is STILL screwed up because my old phone number is still "attached" to my current account as being active to me even though the old phone number has be re-assigned & is being billed to someone else. That problem may be what is causing my account to be "locked" and still messed up to this day...who knows.

The installation date for the "new service" is set for July 3rd so we shall see what happens and I will report back the results.


Pittsburgh, PA
said by KramarK:

The installation date for the "new service" is set for July 3rd so we shall see what happens and I will report back the results.

Any update?