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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to robbin

Re: Code enforcement demolishes House next door

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Actually, having been inside it, it needed new drywall and cabinets and countertop in the kitchen, new ceiling in the kitchen, new drywall and ceiling in the Den and smoke cleanup and vandalism repair. It was structurally sound, the plumbing and wiring hadn't been ripped out by copper thieves. It still had some furniture, clothing, and tons of trash and junk in it. A rolloff and a couple days of elbow grease cleaning it out would make it look a lot better.

I'm not familiar with how you clean up smoke damage, but it needed that throughout the home, and of course new carpeting, etc. It was fixable, or so I thought, especially if you had the know how to do it yourself. Windows were broken out by vandals and firemen, and the front and back doors had been kicked in repeatedly and needed repair.

Still, it was salvageable IMHO if the property could have been picked up for very cheap. My guess is the liens and back taxes made it not economically viable.

Picture shows fire damage in the kitchen.
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