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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to KrK

Re: Code enforcement demolishes House next door

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Found some more of my pictures. This is the hallway leading to bedrooms and bathroom off the main kitchen/Den area. Note the smoke damage, and the holes in the wall the vandals made.

Also note, however, the structural wood framing, in excellent condition. The whole house was that way. Even the places where the fire damaged the ceiling and the firemen pulled it down, the wood framing was almost undamaged. The photo I took of the Den ceiling (the one with insulation hanging down) showed the worst of the charring but didn't come out very well. (It was dark in there, sorry about the bad photos.)

I also included a photo from a bedroom that shows some of the smoke damage and junk typical in the rest of the home.

Bah, it seems like such a waste to me.
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