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This is a sub-selection from Ahhhhhh

Ashburn, VA
reply to SHoTTa35

Re: Ahhhhhh

You don't upload very often because the speeds are too slow. If you had a symmetrical connection like I did with FiOS, it opens the doors to a plethora of new uses that I would otherwise not contend with using a much slower connection.

I was able to stream an HD video signal from a Slingbox directly to my iPad, phone, or laptop with FiOS 35/35, and now I have to drop the signal from HD to standard or the video feed will constantly pause and buffer. The only thing that changed was my service from FiOS to Comcast.

Attempting to remotely watch the Euro 2012 matches brings my entire Comcast Blast! service to its knees.

The upload is pathetic, and most people have pitiful uploads when compared to their unbalanced downloads, so they aren't aware of how useful it can be.



Slingbox isn't doing more than 1200Kbps or 1.1Mbps - I already have 8Mbps so more than enough for that. I'm not doing that because I don't need it, don't even have "Normal" cable either as I watch most of my stuff on my SmartTV/Media Devices anyways. Any Live TV I watch will be the basic channels, don't care for HBO or even ESPN stuff as those are even available on Xbox360 or iPad via the App.

Apparently Comcast Blast is not as fast as my connection which pushes to 10Mbps upload sometimes. So for 1200Kbps (1.1Mbps) on Slingbox HD that's a non-issue for me. I've had people downloading from my server all while i'm playing on Xbox Live HOSTING a match and have NO issues.

Ashburn, VA

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said by SHoTTa35 :

Slingbox isn't doing more than 1200Kbps...

Wrong, even my SOLO box will push more than 1200Kbps as shown in the screen shot I just took 15 minutes ago. My HD box would push twice this much over FiOS, while on Comcast I hit between 1.5 and 4 Kbps with an occasional buffering or a complete signal loss.

This never happened to me with FiOS, but it happens all of the time with Comcast now. I have to lower the quality setting if I hope to keep a steady video stream.

I hit 6Mbps on speed tests, but I can't sustain that speed with a consistent stream. I think 4 is my max. I doubt you can reach 10Mbps except for short bursts, and a solid upload stream of ~8Mbps would certainly bring your downloads to a crawl in the same manner that mine are when I max my uploads streaming my Slingbox video.

Boynton Beach, FL

A cable connection (subjectively) is going to have a more profound effect during upstream (upload) saturation. Are you using QoS rules or priority to reduce the priority of the Slingbox from saturating the upstream? Once the upstream is saturated, you will not be able to download effectively. I doubt you'll need to reduce the quality, just reduce how fast the Slingbox is trying to send the stream.