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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to dc2323

Re: [Homephone] Bell won't accept 30 day notice of porting numbe

said by dc2323:

Thank you for confirming this.
When the new provider informs them of the porting 30 days in advance they ALSO bill the customer for an extra 30 days.

This is what the second rep told me. They consider the notice given AT THE TIME of the actual transfer. It is obvious Bell doesn't want any notice. It is a just way to pull their fraudulent charges and have a good excuse to cover their asses or make themselves out to be the victims for not receiving "notice".

They may consider the port out due date as the notice date, but they're dead wrong. The date the new provider issues the LSR to the old carrier is the notification date.

If they argue it, tell them to check the order date with the Local Migration group.
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