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Guelph, ON

[TV] Regoers Digital TV switch

Hi there, it's my first time posting here, but I have a question that I don't know where else to find an answer to.

Here's my concern: I currently have a "media center" computer set up with one of my tvs. It has an analog/digital tv tuner that I installed a few years ago. I use it mostly for DVR purposes. I know Windows Media Center (xp/vista/7) doesn't support digital signals, but the included software does. Since it has a digital tuner, will I need to connect one of the adapter boxes to the computer, if I want the same kind of DVR service I currently use? Or will the signal be somehow "locked" from use on this digital tuner?
Any insight on this would be great, thanks.

Mr. Wireless

just hook up the rogers DTA adaptor to your cable line, and tune it to the channel u want to watch on the DTA itself, then set your tv tuner program to analog channel 3.

its very simple its a piece of cake
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Vancouver, BC
reply to kurogin
The digital signal from Rogers is encrypted so your computer (and your TV's for that matter) built in digital tuner cannot receive the digital channels.

If you want the same channels you have now you'll need to get at least the DTA50 digital adapter from Rogers to decrypt and convert the signal from digital to analog. With the DTA50 your computer's tuner card will still receive the signal with it's analog tuner but it'll not be able to switch channels itself without using a IR blaster attached to the DTA50. So if you want your computer based PVR system to continue working you'll definitely need to get an IR blaster setup to allow the computer to control the DTA50.