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reply to MIXZ1

Re: Facebook pushes security tips to all its users

said by MIXZ1:

As to "Duh, mobile phone"; providing the phone number to download the app, I don't recall providing my phone number to download any app from an app store. Let FB mount their downloads as downloads, not pushes to a phone number. I connect with another FB front end via WiFi on my phone. The number has nothing to do with it.

said by chrisretusn:

As for mobile phone and providing a number, you could be right, it just that you are using you phone so it just makes sense to me. I will have to test this out with my wife's iPhone in the morning, if I remember. At any rate, you don't have to use the app. I will ask my daughter too in the morning if she had to give a phone number to install on her iPad2 WiFi.

Well I remembered.

I was wrong to assume that a phone number was a given I don't own a smart phone so should have left that alone until I verified it. Well now that I have verified it. Facebook does not required you to give them a mobile number when installing their Facebook app. I installed the Facebook app on my wife's iPhone, no number was asked for to install it. Same for my daughter, was not asked for a number to install the Facebook App.

It also looks like your assumption that you cannot install Facebook apps unless you give your mobile number.was wrong too.

said by MIXZ1:

It is undeniable that FB is harvesting cell numbers.

Based on simple experience, I'd say it is deniable.
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