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reply to 34764170

Re: [IPv6] IPV6 Issues

said by 34764170:

said by 56885201:

My post was in response to the statement below that in no way describes any particular network topology other than being behind a NAT router:

said by whfsdude:

6to4 doesn't work behind NAT. I think you're thinking of Teredo here.

And, if you follow the post chain back, you will see that remark was a reply to another post that referenced the OP's network topology. The OP's network topology is very similar to mine (a NAT router using a 6to4 tunnel to reach Comcast's 6to4 relay).

When he says "behind NAT" and also mentions Teredo that does imply a particular network topology and it is not as you have described. His post was in reference to a particular setup of 6to4 which is not how you have things setup.

You might want to consider going back and actually reading the posts in this thread, and see for yourself that the OP is running behind a NAT router with 6to4 enabled (just like me), and the OP's configuration is what this thread is about, not some imaginary network that only you see (and are discussing).

FWIW, since you obviously overlooked that post (and probably won't bother to look again), the OP's problem was fixed by enabling 6to4 instead of using auto config in the router (because the OP's connection does not yet have native IPv6 enabled):

said by Manco9:

Again thanks for the replies everyone! After putting the router on 6to4 instead of auto-detect yesterday I haven't lost ipv6 connectivity.

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