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[ActionTec] Actiontec Q1000 Xbox 360 lag issue

So recently I've been having these problems with xbox live, and i think the source is coming from my modem, the Q1000. I am using Modern Warfare 3 game to test my lag problems and a random video that can be streamed from the dashboard. Most of the day the internet seems very choppy and laggy when im playing games or streaming a video from the marketplace, and it only happens about every 15 seconds in MW3 and it lasts for about a second. When it lags like this, a simple modem and router dual reset fixes the problem (im not using the actiontec's wireless function for my electronics because it doesnt support 5ghz, instead i am using an apple airport extreme, but that works perfectly fine), but only for about the rest of the day, needing me to restert it every day. its quite annoying, and i think it may be a setting on my modem that is off. I have 40mb/5mb internet and i want to take advantage of it. please help.