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reply to tholly911

Re: Facebook pushes security tips to all its users

said by tholly911:

...my biggest concern about Facebook is my belief it promotes a progressive agenda mindset ...

Being a grumpy old-ish man, I was with you there until the above. What is 'progressive' about Facebook? This seems like a knee-jerk political reaction: you don't like Facebook, you don't like 'progressives', therefore Facebook is progressive?

To my mind, Facebook exemplifies right-wing corporate data-control monopolistic anti-democratic thinking Sure, I'm saying that in jest, but it's at least as valid as yours, considering that Facebook exists to make a lot of money for someone, which is hardly one of the usual 'progresssive' values.


Pasadena, TX
Dave -- Look at the actions and not the words. Some of the richest folks around are those that preach progressive ideology and whose actions are just the opposite. (e.g. Al Gore?) Say you are for the individual and enrich yourself using political ploys and legal manipulations at the highest level. Essentially stealing from the masses, the tax payers ... that money did come from someone that had to loose it. If you can stomach a long and mostly boring history of money in a documentary that has amazing predictions right at the end >>


Observe the predictions made in the documentary and the time frame they were made. Then ask yourself if you have noticed over the last decade any push towards one global bank/currency, a strengthening of the fed, threats against gun ownership, or many other signs the US is being shaped into a Europe. That documentary teaches the history of the fed. Absolutely amazing stuff. It also teaches about the finance of war. Scary stuff and eye opening. I keyed it up and watched 30 min a day until done ... I could not take it all in one viewing. Again, the big bombs of truth ring out in the closing predictions of the documentary. And how can I lump all this into a conversation about Facebook? Simply because as I see it ... Facebook's agenda is aligned to help the progressive cause. For me the leap is one I struggled with for some time, but once enough dots got connected ... the patterns became more obvious.