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Idledale, CO
reply to Dude111

Re: Facebook pushes security tips to all its users

I've read that the UK is trying to control "bullying" on social sites. Won't be long until the US gets that attitude.

What will probably happen is you will unfriend one of the idiots who collects friends and they will scream "bully"

The mobile apps are a pain in the butt. Not because of being social, but of use. Quite a few complaints about data usage when it's FB polling for new posts all the time. You should be notified about this when you purchase a phone - so YOU control data usage. This might also affect battery usage.

I rooted simply to get rid of FB. I use it on the PC just to check on those who have decided to do customer service that way. Plus on the PC, there's the hosts file or firewall.

I do use Twitter - but I freeze it with Titanium Backup in between posts.

I've had Yahoo, FB, and Google pester for a "public profile"
They ain't getting it.