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reply to RickStep

Re: Treadmill start = modem crash (interference)

said by RickStep:

2. Using an UPS (even the cheap ones at Costco) works way better than a surge protector.

One device is way better because it does something completely different? A typical UPS does not do surge protection. Read its spec numbers. Numbers for surge protection are typically smaller than numbers found on a $7 Wal-Mart protector. Near zero surge protection that is also hyped subjectively in advertising is 100% protection?

Near zero protection by a UPS is somehow better?

UPS has one function. To provide temporary power during a blackout. Power often so 'dirty' as to be potentially harmful to small motors and power strip protectors. 'Dirtiest' power that is also ideal for electronics. So that electronics will continue working during a blackout.

Montreal, QC
It's true that a UPS tends to have less surge protection capacity (my Back-UPS Pro 1500 has a capacity of 342 joules, my old 1500 was 420 while my 360 electrical power bar is 4320), but a UPS will come with an insurance policy to replace surge-damaged equipment connected to the UPS. Although, some surge protectors (like some of 360 electrical's) also have similar insurance warranty things. Note that using a non-apc powerbar connected to the UPS will void the insurance policy.

If this is a concern, I believe putting a dedicated surge protector between the wall and the UPS might work without voiding the insurance. But really, surges are not the problem in the case at hand, he's getting voltage dips...
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