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Pearland, TX
reply to beckshink

Re: [Speed] Own Extreme 50, why does Comcast want $250 to "

said by beckshink :

I was told that it was to have them verify that we can even get 105, and if we couldnt, they wouldnt pay us back.
I had NO intention to just try it out, especially since there is a 12mo agreement, however, I refuse to pay 250$ for them to LOOK if there equipment is upgraded, and if not, pay for them to upgrade their infrastructure. they make enough profits, they can upgrade the infrastructure w/o costing an arm and a leg for the consumer... I really wanted it, as we are big gamers, and use a lot of bandwidth, however, I will NOT pay that much for them to see if they can even get me the 105

if and when you get it and does not live up to your expectation, you expect them to "fix" whatever you think is broken, nag them and demand that they deliver the speeds promised....they basically go out on a limb for YOU only....and you expect them to do this for free? they're running a business and this is how they run it....

big gamers spend a lot on their rigs, maybe $250 shouldn't be a lot for bandwidth.

you expect good service....pony up for it...