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Tavistock NJ

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reply to etaadmin

Re: 3rd world telcos want to tax US content companies

said by etaadmin:


What is really at stake, some analysts say, is money.

Robert M. McDowell, a member of the Federal Communications Commission, told a U.S. House committee last month that he was aware of treaty proposals that could enable foreign telecommunications companies to levy fees on Google, Facebook, Netflix and other U.S. Internet companies that are heavy users of bandwidth. This would be “devastating to global economic activity,” he said.

The European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association, a lobbying group based in Brussels, has called for the treaty to permit the management of telecommunications traffic.

The treaty “should acknowledge the challenges of the new Internet economy and the principles that fair compensation is received for carried traffic and operators’ revenues should not be disconnected from the investment needs caused by rapid Internet traffic growth,” the operators’ association said in a submission to the I.T.U.

Thus the real conflict is not over governance of the Internet, some analysts say, but over the division of the spoils, with international telecommunications operators trying to use the I.T.U. to extract revenue from American Internet companies.

When outrageous per minute charges for voice calls became moot due to VOIP and apps like Skype, these gov't controlled monopolies lost a ton of revenue. They want to get all that money back in new rules mandated by the ITU.

So this isn't about net neutrality, or UN takeover of the internet. It is all about the grab for money by the gov't controlled telcos who saw all their revenue disappear.

Tavistock NJ

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You can check out these outrageous proposals by the 3rd world here:

Especially check out the tariff issues:
Where it starts getting sticky for data movement.

Measure IP traffic flows and use the results in connection with billing.

Latest draft of suggested changes:
Alternate draft: