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Etobicoke, ON
reply to TSI Gabe

Re: IPv6 beta

Has anyone had any luck with IPv6 on a Mikrotik router and an MLPPP account? If so, was there anything special that needed to be done besides enabling IPv6?

I was told to continue to use the same @wiredhighspeed.com account name and password, and given my new IPv6 address assignments, but as far as I can tell the PPPoE interface isn't even getting assigned a link-local address.

I captured the packets on the modem interfaces and analyzed it with Wireshark. From what I can tell the router requests link-local address fe80::8 over IPV6CP, which the PPPoE server approves, then instead of declaring its own local identifier the server terminates the IPV6CP session. IPCP and thus IPv4 continue to work normally.

I think maybe my account isn't properly activated for IPv6, but I'm not sure.