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This is a sub-selection from Marketing hype


Salt Lake City, UT
reply to rebus9

Re: Marketing hype

said by rebus9:

said by lijacobs:

As of today 99.99 percent of FiOS users don't need more than 25/25 Mb/s speed and 99.999 percent don't need more than 35/35.


But what about tomorrow?

I remember when a 1200 baud modem cost over a thousand bucks. Us poor college students had to make due on a 300 baud modem, to connect to the campus mainframe from our apartment to do our assignments so we didn't have to wait our turn (sometimes a 2+ hour wait) at the campus computer lab.

I remember people saying 9600 baud modems were a huge waste of money over 2400 baud. Then they said 28.8 dialup modems were a gimmick. Then they said the same thing about 56k modems.

My first real (non-Prodigy) ISP account was with a local provider that had a kiosk PC in their lobby and invited their subscribers to come in and experience surfing on "our full T-1"... and it was too fast to believe. Web pages appeared almost instantly.

My first DSL line at 768k/128k (for the low price of $65) was marketed as a blisteringly fast always-on connection.

And 10 Mbps. Not so very long ago that was LAN speed, and nobody but the largest commercial customers could afford a WAN link that fast.

Then FIOS gave us 20/5. Imagine, a full 5 Mbps upstream.

Now we're turning our noses up at 25/25, and 150 Mbps downstream is less than $100.

Years ago I said Gig-E to the home was going to be commonplace by 2020. So far that prediction is looking good.

Good points! 1Gbps just became avail in my neighboorhood. At this point, 100Mbps is much more practical and cheaper thru my ISP at $45/month. Maybe later this year when Google's 1Gbps launches the price for full 1Gbps symmetrical FTTH service may drop or one can only hope!