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Saint George Island, AK

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Starband users and Andriod tablets.

These mobile apps for Android and Kindle Fire (reddit is fun, bacon reader) will not work on a tablet running Android 3.2.1 and Kindle Fire, wonder if Starband is blocking these?

I monitored the incoming & outgoing logs on a router using dd-wrt, enabled DMZ, disabled router firewall, opened ports that were dropped pertaining to the IP website. Troubleshooted any network related problems to allow these said apps to work. Has to be Starband, and wondering if it's just my static IP?

Edit: More detail.


Tomahawk, WI
Hi akuserak
Sorry can't help you, my desktop icon is for ALL satellites and saw your post.

I've been wondering how Star Band has improved ?
As a Dish Network dealer/installer Charlie (CEO) gave us a unit.
Ouch my partner agreed it wasn't to leave the showroom, so much trouble I didn't need.

I shouldn't form a judgement on that but so curious your review
need to ask.

Off to Google what a droid and kindle fire IS for some odd reason haha