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This is a sub-selection from Bright House is right

Princeton Junction, NJ
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Re: Bright House is right

10 years ago we thought 1 megabit per second was enough since compared to dialup, it was blazing fast. Websites were optimized for dialup back then, so they loaded very fast at 1mbps. Now, 1 megabit seems slow since web pages are much bigger. Comcast gives me 35 megabits per second according to a speedtest performed when connected via ethernet, but my wireless router can't pump out more than 20 mbps even when right next to the router. Still, even 20 mbps is really fast, and most webpages load instantly, even if they have a lot of video content.
10 years from now, I'm sure 10 mbps will be considered slow. Web videos will be full lossless 1080p, audio will be lossless, hard drive sizes will be a few hundred terabytes. TV networks will be forced to make deals with Internet distributors as people will migrate to subscription IPTV services that will provide HD channels from all over the world. There won't be a need for piracy as restrictions on legitimate content distribution will be lifted.
And you'll need a 300 megabit pipe to enjoy what the Internet has to offer, the price will come down to $50 a month, and you can also enjoy 300 megabits on your 7G smartphone.


Melbourne, FL

Can I have some of what you're smoking? You really think the motion picture association will stop trying to control the content?
Brian Reynolds, Melbourne, Florida