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On The Road

CID Timestamp

Greetings all,

I've been playing with this for awhile and my results are that the timezone is correct (for me) as EDT when the MJPlus is plugged into the PC. It's an hour earlier now (GMT -5, or EST) when plugged into the router.

I've had several lengthy chats (just for laughs) with "support." I've been escalated three times with everyone making like they've never heard of this before. Last time, after extensive driver and update checking, pc settings, router settings, etc., they gave it a case number to send to the "engineers" who would reply to me "soon" via e-mail.

It seems that the answer is that the Plus picks up the time from the PC when plugged into it, and from their servers (which feed GMT -5) when plugged in directly.

Anyone else have anything on this?

Otherwise, I must say that the Plus has been working great both with and without Google Voice both on the router and the PC. I've been with MJ for 5 years now and highly recommend if you are able to support yourself.

Can't beat it for the price!

Best regards,


Lagrange, GA

you can beat it for the price, take a look @ NetTalk and their netduo.