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Tombstone, AZ

antenna experts

I just love it when people who have no clue try to explain how antennas work.

»What Makes the BiQuad Polarization
7000S SatMex 5 1050, Dlink wirless


Draper, UT

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I hope your talking about the second post. At least I am TRYING to understand it. Your not providing any helpful feedback are you? Please enlighten us as to your understanding of how the BiQuad radiates.


Florissant, CO
reply to tobicat
I had my satellite dish relocated. I found that it was out of plumb, 1" in 36" rise. 1.56 deg. The pole is next to my drive, and am concerned that if it were bumped that I would have a difficult time re pointing it. I bought a Post Level, $5; and a 36" x 1/4" steel rod, and ground a flat point on it. With my trusty drill I drilled holes around the mound, keeping water in the holes to make the earth soft. I was able to pull the mount TRUE. I mounted a bar of Uni-strut on the pole, and a rod from the dish, and slightly rotated the mount, bit at a time. Maxed out the Signal Strength. I have not had any problem since. Well the Satellite Failed, once.

I was disappointed that I had no problem with Snow-pack. Wanted to try a heater, but with no snow, I could not try it.