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Re: Some Asshat is letting off HEAVY fireworks very late at nigh

The smell in Manila is horrible even when they're not lighting off fireworks.. raw sewage and burning garbage is a daily smell..

Bless you Howie
Yeah, the smell is awful, but until you've been through a New Year's eve in Manila or Cebu or Davao, you haven't experienced a sound assault.

Indeed, public space isn't treated with the same regard there that we have here, lots of garbage, though I will say that this town is filthy. That's one thing about it down in Clarksville, it was clean, no litter, but here it is filthy. Why must lowlifes insist on littering? The idiot who let off all those fireworks left a filthy mess.
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Having lived in Signal Village, Taguig, Metro Manila, I have a pretty good sampling. We had some crazy neighbors in our immediate vicinity. But for sound assault, I still hold the record, as the producer of The Ultimate Fireworks Blu-ray a couple of years ago. Standing just a few tens of feet from 8" mortar launchers, filming and recording an event for Zambelli Fireworks, and then playing it back at the Bass Pig's Lair for an audience that included several prominent names in the audio field, we all ended up with tinnitus after the performance.

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