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Lockport, IL
reply to cypherstream

Re: Another a/c issue.

said by cypherstream:

I'm wondering if permanent hold is more cost effective when the temperature swings are that dramatic. Then it can cycle and maintain 72 rather than run for hours trying to bring 78 down to 72.

I've been thinking about this myself. I don't have a programmable tstat but was thinking of buying one. But as you mentioned is there any benefit over just keeping it at a set temp? Perhaps this would be better suited for winter months or when the temps aren't so high in the summer? Just thinking out loud here. This and the fact that I work midnights and prefer it to be on the cooler side while I sleep (during the day) this may negate any savings for me.

As far as tstat relationship to air returns, mine is about 4ft above a return. Is this an issue?
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