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Leander, TX

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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Check my math - Propane vs. NG cost comparison for BBQ

said by IowaCowboy:

I purchased my propane tanks empty (one in 2009 at Lowe's and one in 2012 at Home Depot, both were $29.99)

The propane exchange places around here (such as Big Y, Home Depot, etc in Springfield, MA) get about $19 for an exchange or $49 for a filled tank without an exchange. And those places only fill it to 15 lbs instead of the full 17 lbs that the tank was designed to handle.

I can get my tank filled at BJ's (members only warehouse) for $13.49 to fill a 20 lb tank to it's full capacity of 17 lbs

Fulll capacity IS NOT 17 pounds. Since this is a "Check My Math" thread, do a little of math of your own. You have your own propane tanks. Look on the collar of the tank and find the tare W.C. for the tank. Then start calculating. You will find that no matter how you calculate it, 17 pounds is no where near 80% full.