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London, ON

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Re: [Express] Rogers express 80gb cap?

said by yyzlhr :

The reason why Rogers is moving away from standalone modems is so that they are able to better support customers who don't know how to configure and troubleshoot these devices.

I hear what you're saying my friend BUT for Rogers to offer a Gateway for one and only one segment of their customers is, not only bad for business, but it is basically saying to hell with the rest of us.
For Rogers to provide/activate a standalone D3 modem, 3rd party or not, would be saying "Hey, We appreciate your business and we'll do what it takes to keep it"
Now, is there anyone on Planet Earth that could imagine Rogers actually showing respect and appreciation to their customers without trying to swindle another few bucks out of us?????
Can you imagine what would happen if Ford or GM only sold one model of car??